JQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers

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The Absolutely Awesome jQuery CookBook

But this book is perfect for anyone who wants to jump into real projects with jQuery focusing on the important stuff.

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If you do want a comprehensive jQuery book then I have to recommend jQuery in Action. The newest edition comes with pages full of exercises and best practices for jQuery development. The lessons teach through a step-by-step approach that covers the little intricacies of jQuery development. Many developers release their plugins for free as code samples and as resources for the community. I did a full review of this book if you want to read a little more. Development can be intimidating and sometimes a simpler book is better for newbies. However this is not a full comprehensive guide for beginners.

This book targets devs who want a less confusing intro to jQuery rather than a full comprehensive guide. The jQuery Pocket Reference aims to solve this problem with common solutions, code snippets, and technical tips packed into this page mini resource.

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This pocket reference offers quick guides and snippets to help you scale common features with jQuery. The index is easy to reference so you can literally jump to any chapter and grab whatever info you need. A Smarter Way to Learn jQuery follows a rigid teaching style that includes theory, exercises, along with after-lesson tests to refresh your memory. Most of this info can be retained through repetition.

What can you do with jQuery?

Thankfully the author Mark Myers has a gentle way of writing that appeals to anyone. The writing style is crystal clear and it can easily take you from a simple JS coder to a masterful jQuery magician. Some of the early chapters can feel basic focusing on event handlers and Ajax forms. But these topics do get much more complicated. It can take months for newer developers to fully grasp how event handlers work.

I debated whether to add this book since it covers so much over the entire jQuery library. The authors place a heavy focus on browser support and user experience. My biggest complaint is how quickly this book moves through content. But if you just want to learn jQuery in detail then you should stick with one of the other introductory books in this list.

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  4. This is also true of PHP development which is rampant with hacky solutions that could be improved through better design patterns. The book jQuery Design Patterns teaches common workflows and best practices for constructing webapps on the jQuery library. Even the best developers keep cookbooks handy for complex solutions and uncharted territory.

    The jQuery Cookbook by Cody Lindley contains pages jam-packed with code snippets, design patterns, and solutions to common application features. Many solutions are provided from other jQuery developers active in the community. Each recipe offers a code solution but it also aims to help you learn. But you also get more complicated features like draggable elements, resizable widgets, and droppable areas for drag-and-drop uploads.

    It has just under pages full of exercises teaching all the major jQuery UI components from select menus to draggable interfaces. Lenny Burdette. Beginning C 7 Programming with Visual Studio Benjamin Perkins. Java Examples in a Nutshell.

    It's a (jQuery) cookbook!

    Kae Verens. Phil Ballard. David R. Joe Mayo.

    10 Free jQuery E-Books

    JavaScript Demystified. James Keogh. John Pollock. Java For Dummies Quick Reference. Doug Lowe. Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies. John Paul Mueller. Alessandro Del Sole. Ryan Vice. C Database Basics. Michael Schmalz. SharePoint Development with Visual Studio Eric Carter. Beginning Visual C Programming. Karli Watson.

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    8. Beginning JavaScript. Jeremy McPeak. Paul Anderson. Mastering phpMyAdmin 3. Marc Delisle. Programming ASP. Jesse Liberty. Oracle Fusion Developer Guide. Frank Nimphius. Herb Schildt's Java Programming Cookbook. Herbert Schildt. Steven Mann. Applied jQuery. Jay Blanchard. Yaroslav Pentsarskyy. Adobe Flex 4. Michael Labriola. Drupal 7 Themes. Ric Shreves. Pro ASP. M A Hossain Tonu.

      NET 3. Learning ASP. Yii 1. Alexander Makarov. Microsoft SharePoint Developer Reference. Paolo Pialorsi. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more.


      Start Free Trial No credit card required. View table of contents. Start reading. Book Description jQuery simplifies building rich, interactive web frontends. Including the Previous Selection with the Current Selection 1. Removing DOM Elements 1. Replacing DOM Elements 1. Cloning DOM Elements 1. Getting and Setting Text Content 1. Selecting Elements with jQuery Introduction 2.

      Selecting Child Elements Only 2. Selecting Specific Siblings 2. Selecting Elements by Index Order 2. Selecting Elements Based on Their Visibility 2. Selecting Elements Based on Attributes 2.

      Jquery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples For Jquery Developers

      Selecting Form Elements by Type 2. Selecting an Element with Specific Characteristics 2. Using the Context Parameter 2. Creating a Custom Filter Selector 3. Beyond the Basics Introduction 3. Looping Through a Set of Selected Results 3. Reducing the Selection Set to a Specified Item 3. Getting the Index of an Item in a Selection 3.

      Performing an Action on a Subset of the Selected Set 3. Adding Functionality with Plugins 3. Detecting Features with jQuery. Iterating Over Arrays and Objects with jQuery. Filtering Arrays with jQuery. Iterating and Modifying Array Entries with jQuery.

      jQuery Tutorial For Beginners - Developing User Interface (UI) Using jQuery - Edureka

      Combining Two Arrays with jQuery. Testing Callback Functions with jQuery. Extending Objects with jQuery. Faster, Simpler, More Fun Introduction 5. Removing Redundant Repetition 5. Formatting Your jQuery Chains 5. Borrowing Code from Other Libraries 5. Writing a Custom Iterator 5. Toggling an Attribute 5. Finding the Bottlenecks 5. Caching Your jQuery Objects 5. Writing Faster Selectors 5. Loading Tables Faster 5. Coding Bare-Metal Loops 5. Reducing Name Lookups 5. Updating the DOM Faster with.

      Break Those Chains 5.

      jQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers JQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers
      jQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers JQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers
      jQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers JQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers
      jQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers JQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers
      jQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers JQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers

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