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The polymer solution was transferred to a Petri dish, covered with an inverted funnel, and allowed to sit overnight to dry. After drying, the sample was collected and stored in desiccators until further use. Electrospun mat or the solvent-casted film sectioned into specific length and width were coated with a platinum layer using a JEOL JFC Auto fine coater. We performed these experiments in triplicate.

Ahmed A. Technol just-accepted 1—25 Design and evaluation of mucoadhesive oral films containing sodium hyaluronate using multivariate data analysis. Technol 1—8 Ghosal, K. Mazza, E. Mechanical biocompatibility of highly deformable biomedical materials. J MechBehav Biomed Mater 48 , —24 Dhivya, S. Nanohydroxyapatite-reinforced chitosan composite hydrogel for bone tissue repair in vitro and in vivo.

Journal of nanobiotechnology 13 1 , 40 Poly ester amides PEAs —Scaffold for tissue engineering applications. J 60 , 58—68 Du, L.


Capturing real-time data as nanofibers form makes electrospinning more affordable and effective

Electrospinning of polycaprolatonenanofibers with DMF additive: The effect of solution proprieties on jet perturbation and fiber morphologies. Fiber Polym 17 5 , —9 Schilling, S. Limpongsa, E. Preparation and evaluation of diltiazem hydrochloride diffusion-controlled transdermal delivery system. Silva, C. Films based on chitosan polyelectrolyte complexes for skin drug delivery: development and characterization.

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Nanofibers and Electrospinning Method

Soft Matter. Alanazi, F. Formulation and physicochemical characterisation of buccoadhesive films containing ketorolac. Deliv Sci. Lim, H. Aaps Pharm sci tech. Collagen coated electrospun polycaprolactone PCL with titanium dioxide TiO2 from an environmentally benign solvent: preliminary physico-chemical studies for skin substitute. J Polym Res 1 21 5 , Dobaria, N.

A novel itraconazolebioadhesive film for vaginal delivery: design, optimization, and physicodynamic characterization. Rechia, L. Sci 46 3 , —7 Int J Polym Anal Ch 17 4 , —11 Wei, X.

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International Journal of Experimental and Computational Biomechanics. Baji, A. Composites Science and Technology. Zhang, M. Ramdhanie, L. Thermal and mechanical characterization of electrospun blends of poly lactic acid and poly glycolic acid. Polymer journal 38 11 , — Lee, K. Polymer 44 4 , — Zhu, Y. Solid-state plasticization of an acrylic polymer with chlorpheniramine maleate and triethyl citrate. Rabek, C. The effect of plasticizers on the erosion and mechanical properties of polymeric films. Appl 28 5 , —89 Honary, S. The effect of different plasticizer molecular weights and concentrations on mechanical and thermomechanical properties of free films.

Drug DevInd Pharm 28 6 , —5 Taepaiboon, P. Vitamin-loaded electrospun cellulose acetate nanofiber mats as transdermal and dermal therapeutic agents of vitamin A acid and vitamin E. Biopharm 67 2 , —97 Thomas, V. Functionally graded electrospun scaffolds with tunable mechanical properties for vascular tissue regeneration. Mater 2 4 , Saha, K. J Appl Polymer Sci. Tyagi, C. Electrospun nanofiber matrix with a mucoadhesive backing film for oramucosal drug delivery.

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MechManufact 2 , 81—5 Fabra, M. High barrier polyhydroxyalcanoate food packaging film by means of nanostructured electrospun interlayers of zein. Food Hydrocoll. Jul Yin, C. Fabrication of silk fibroin based three dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering. Fiber Polym 17 8 , —5 Li, Y. J MechBehav. Biomed Mater 40 , —21 Rizvi, M.

Capturing real-time data as nanofibers form makes electrospinning more affordable and effective

Statistical model for the mechanical behavior of the tissue engineering non-woven fibrous matrices under large deformation. Mech Behav Biomed Mater 37 , —50 Ranjbar-Mohammadi, M. Tonglairoum, P. Technol 20 8 , — Ngawhirunpat, T. Development of meloxicam-loaded electrospun polyvinyl alcohol mats as a transdermal therapeutic agent. Technol 14 1 , 73—82 Download references. Kothari postdoctoral fellowship scheme. Correspondence to Kajal Ghosal or Ivo Provaznik. Publisher's note: Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

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Subjects Environmental impact Nanoscience and technology. Abstract We put forth our opinion regarding the enhanced plasticity and modulation of mechanical properties of polymeric films obtained through electrospinning process in this article. Introduction Polymers, be it synthetic, semi-synthetic, or natural, have gained wide attention in different technology sectors. Table 1 Effect of plasticizer on flexibility of different polymer films. Full size table.

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  • Figure 1. Electrospinning apparatus set-up and nanofiber mesh. Full size image. Results Surface Morphology Electrospinning is extensively used to develop fiber of high tensile strength, which is desirable in applications that need lightweight but durable materials. The ability to electrospin uniformly over a relatively large area consistently has proven to be a valuable asset and has helped take a number of our client projects towards commercial success.

    Turning an idea into a Target Product Profile including technical feasibility, regulatory and IP considerations. Many analytical capabilities are available including morphological analysis, microstructure characteristics, chemical analysis, surface chemistry analysis, residual solvent analysis, and mechanical testing. The model is specifically Nanospinner 24 electrospinning equipment was designed to develop sample nanofiber membranes used in primarily NE Laboratory scale electrospinning unit which provides the possibility to produce larger area uniform nanofiber coating, is suitable for advanced Also it has special design isolated chassis and fan.

    Because of door safety system and isolated chassis, researches can be carried out safely. The Starter Kit electrospinning system is designed for low-cost, small-scale nanofiber research, producing results from a single-nozzle configuration in a compact unit. Nanofibers can be produced using different methods, the below comparison states each technique The Nanofiber Market Anticipated a Compound annual growth rate of The inc Inovenso Inc. Over the past decade, our electrospinning devices are beinng used in more than renowned research institutes and companies. We manufacture laboratory, pilot and industrial electrospinning systems tailored to the customer's needs.

    The services include design, development and analytical services to translate electrospun constucts from idea to scalable prototypes and final commercial products. Lab-Scale Electrospinning Devices A model for each application area! Pilot Electrospinning Machine Time to scale-up! Industrial Electrospinning Machine Commercialize your nanofibers products! Ali Ghezelbash - Lyten US. The self-contained design allows for minimal contamination from environmental sources during the spinning process and is safe to the user Vijay K Raghunathan - University of Houston US.

    Product Development. Contract Manufacturing. Read more.

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    Electrospinning Electrospinning
    Electrospinning Electrospinning
    Electrospinning Electrospinning
    Electrospinning Electrospinning
    Electrospinning Electrospinning
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