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A parent's self-interest is often the cause of a child's predicament, such as the daughter and her father in Rumpelstiltskin.

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Stepmother: The image of the evil stepmother occurs frequently in fairy tales. She is associated with jealousy and cruelty Olderr The stepmother figure is actually two sided, in that while she has destructive intentions, her actions often lead the protagonist into situations that identify and strengthen his or her best qualities.

Put them in a lonely castle that stood in the middle of a wood: Mother Gothel is another parent who hides her child in the forest in Rapunzel. Wise-woman: Note that the wise-woman, although she apparently uses magic, is not labeled a witch since she is both helpful and good. Witchcraft has an evil connotation in fairy tales while magic itself can be a force of good or evil depending on the user. A reel of thread: In Greek mythology, Theseus receives a ball of thread from Ariadne to use to enter the Minotaur's labyrinth, defeat it, and still find his way out to safety Lindemans, Pantheon.

A great deal of money, and they betrayed the secret to her: Money often brings about corruption. Bribery, especially with money, is found often in literature, even some fairy tales. One of the most famous betrayals in history is Judas Iscariot's betrayal of Christ for 30 pieces of silver in the New Testament. Little white shirts: The color of the shirts foreshadows the type of birds the brothers will become--white swans. Sewed an enchantment in each of them: Enchantments are often cast with the use of physical charms or hexes which can be sewn into clothing. In the tale Little Brother and Little Sister , the brother is also changed into a deer by his evil stepmother.

Changed them into swans: Animal transformation and shapeshifting is a common motif in folklore and found in almost every culture around the world, often attributed to witches and other magical beings, but sometimes practiced by humans. The change can either be voluntary or imposed through enchantment, as it is here.

Shapeshifting is often instigated by the rising or setting of the sun or moon. The most common types of shapeshifting for humans usually involves changing into a bear or wolf, especially for men. In tales of the AT The Maiden Who Seeks Her Brothers classification, the brothers are usually turned into a type of bird, including ravens, ducks, and swans. They have gone away and left me all alone: In some variants of the tale, the sister does not learn she has brothers until she is older.

She believes she is an only child, not knowing that her father mistakenly cursed his sons shortly after her birth, such as in The Seven Ravens.

Beauty's Punishment

In The Twelve Brothers , the sister is the unwitting agent of the brothers' transformations. Swans: Swans have a diverse history in folklore, including Greek mythology where Zeus assumes the form of a swan in Leda and the Swan. Swan maiden tales are found around the world, including the story of Swan Lake, the famous ballet. Like storks, swans were sometimes thought to assume human form when they migrated to other lands" Jones , Swans have also come to symbolize fidelity and true love through the general belief that they mate for life.

In fact, swans have become the symbol of life-long romance in popular lore, because when they swim off together to mate, their heads touch and their necks form a heart shape" WWF. A bird can symbolize air, wind, time, immortality, the female principle, aspiration, prophecy, love, and freedom Olderr I will go and seek my brothers: Across all variants, when the sister learns of her brothers' enchantment, whatever its cause, she is determined to rescue them and make her family whole again.

The tale is one about family devotion and sacrifice. These siblings are not jealous of each other and have no contention amongst themselves. The sister is more concerned about her family's welfare than her own inheritance. Jack Zipes theorizes that the tale was important to the Grimms for its message about family fidelity through adversity and separation Zipes , A little hut: Many fairy tales include huts or houses hidden in a forest for various reasons, such as in Hansel and Gretel , Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The hut may be a place of danger or a safety zone for the heroine. Graham Andersen finds several strong relationships between Six Swans and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in his study of fairy tale origins in the ancient world Anderson A room with six little beds: While the room has six beds, it is not intended for the six brothers who will be in human form for only 15 minutes, barely the length of a catnap. Lay aside our swan skins for a quarter of an hour every evening: Enchanted humans often have the opportunity to return to human form, usually in the evening or nighttime, in fairy tales.

The time is not usually limited to time measured on a clock, however, but by the setting and rising of the sun or moon.

An example of another tale with a shapeshifting character is East of the Sun and West of the Moon. You must not speak or laugh for six years: The sister usually has to remain silent for as many years as she has enchanted brothers.

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The silence is also similar to that of the swans themselves. Swans are popularly believed to be silent creatures. Swan lore tells that swans do not sing until their death. This is not true, but is a well-established belief in folklore Jones , Feminist critics interpret this stipulation as a silencing of women, putting them in their place--remaining seen and not heard--and rewarding them for being silent, as part of the sociocultural requirements during the Grimms' time. Marina Warner finds irony in the tale when told by female storytellers. They "are flouting, in the act of speaking and teaching, the strictures against female authority they impart: women narrators, extolling the magic of silence of the heroic sister in 'The Twelve Brothers,' are speaking themselves, breaking the silence, telling the story" Warner , Another interpretation can include the extreme torture of the situation.

For six years the sister must not communicate with anyone to share her experience or lighten her burden.

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This must be particularly hard in the tales where she is close to her brothers and accustomed to their companionship. Later she cannot explain the injustices behind the taking away of her children even when she is about to be burned at the stake. She is completely isolated by silence even when she is surrounded by people. Must make in that time six shirts for us out of star-flowers: Note that the spell must be broken with a method similar to how it was cast. White shirts caused the enchantment, so the sister must make new shirts for her brothers to counteract the spell.

Even if it should cost her her life: The sister endures physical and emotional abuse during her trial to release her brothers. In The Seven Ravens , she ends up cutting off her own little finger to open a door to reach her brothers. Climbed a tree, and spent the night there: The sister chooses to sleep in a tree which may parallel the resting place of her brothers as birds, although swan's nests are generally built on elevated ground near bodies of water, but a storyteller may not know this. Star-flowers: Some translations call the plant starwort. Hans Christian Andersen requires nettles or thistles for his heroine which cause her pain as she makes the shirts.

To sew: Note that the sister must use a domestic art as part of her effort to save her brothers. While she is spunkier and more aggressive than many of her fairy tale counterparts, she still must excel at domestic arts and feminine virtues to complete her mission.

King of the country was hunting in the forest: Note the parallelism of the story. The tale began with a king hunting in the forest and marrying a bride he found there. Now we have a repetition of similar events. The golden chain from her neck: The sister quickly hands over her necklace in hopes of giving up anything of value she might have upon her so they men might leave her alone. Her girdle: In this instance, a girdle is "a band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers" WordNet.

The girdle is not part of her underwear but an outer garment, often embroidered or decorated for women. The girdle would be one of her more valuable articles of clothing. She gives a grunt, releasing her nipple as her body wriggles in a way that reminds me of water rippling. Her hand freezes over her cunt and her eyes fly open.

You can find more sexy stories by clicking the button below:. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Standard Posted by HornyGeekGirl. Posted under Erotica , Masturbation Monday. A traditional source of sexual titillation for adult readers, fairy tales historically featured licentious themes before being cleaned up for the consumption of children in modern times. Seasoned erotica author Mitzi Szereto restores the explicit sex in the 15 tales in this provocative book and adds a few surprises of her own.

In Sleeping Beauty's Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales | MITZI SZERETO

Each tale is prefaced by a brief introduction telling its history and the sexual culture in which it was originally composed. Mitzi Szereto mitziszereto. Her novels, short stories and anthologies have been translated into several languages. Follow her on Twitter MitziSzereto. After reading this enchanting book, you might wish to read bedside tales to adults, rather than mere children Szereto takes our modern, sanitized versions and gives them an earthy twist. Fairy tale lovers will definitely want to add her rousingly fun and entertaining book to their collection.

In Sleeping Beauty's Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales

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In Sleeping Beautys Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales In Sleeping Beautys Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales
In Sleeping Beautys Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales In Sleeping Beautys Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales
In Sleeping Beautys Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales In Sleeping Beautys Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales
In Sleeping Beautys Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales In Sleeping Beautys Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales
In Sleeping Beautys Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales In Sleeping Beautys Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales

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