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Book Review: Monday Mornings

Attention to detail is obviously essential when operating, but it is also vital to making a television show like this one as realistic as possible. While Monday Mornings is an extremely accurate representation of Dr. There is never just a doctor or a patient. Apart from the diverse personalities, many shocking and unexpected events occur throughout the first season of Monday Mornings. Who would have thought hip pain could be a sign of cancer?

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If you are at all squeamish or a bit of a hypochondriac, you may want to watch this show with a friend. You'll laugh. You'll cry. I could not put it down. Visit Seller's Storefront. If I've mischaracterized a book, please let me know, and I'm happy to accept returns for refunds.

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta Talks ‘Monday Mornings’

He is a most affable doctor who dares to run marathons, and live and eat right to model what he preaches. But a novelist? That is really pushing the scalpel, so to speak. I was intrigued by the novel's hook: As readers, we would be taken into the closed-door meetings that doctors have after a death or near-death of a patient to review what happened, and thereby to learn.

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Gupta, with his writing partner David Martin whom he generously acknowledges , gives us both a medical tale and a moral tale. The medical tale is about surgeons and ER doctors, primarily, whose astounding feats of diagnostic acumen and extraordinary operative and emergency interventions seem to occur far more often than the usual doldrums that I have seen characterize hospital routines.

Hip-hop early monday mornings. [lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] (Study/Sleep/Relax music) b

Gupta's fictional neurosurgeons and ER jocks practice medicine on a thin tightrope that no one can repeatedly cross without falling off. In other words, there is no shortage of dramatic cases gone awry to summon the bleary doctors to face the unsparing critique of their peers before dawn on Monday mornings.

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Upon reading what goes on at Chelsea Hospital where doctors, we are told, are apt to forgo great earnings to be great , you may wonder whose hands you will be in if you hit your head, have a stroke, or enter an ER in some grave medical state. Surgeons' heads are figuratively cracked open by the pointed inquiries of the chief of neurosurgery and other daunting white-coated legends, egos are deflated, and lessons are burned into the cortices of all those attending. I thought that the careful dissection of what happened, and why that typifies a serious psychological autopsy -- also to prevent a future deadly outcome -- seems far less bloody than what happens in surgery, or at least in Gupta's surgical circles.

Is one approach better than the other to get doctors to pay attention and do better next time? The book's moral tale is no less forceful. Like Icarus, full of hubris, these physicians fly too high and too close to the sun's searing rays.

Monday Mornings: A Novel Monday Mornings: A Novel
Monday Mornings: A Novel Monday Mornings: A Novel
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Monday Mornings: A Novel Monday Mornings: A Novel
Monday Mornings: A Novel Monday Mornings: A Novel
Monday Mornings: A Novel Monday Mornings: A Novel
Monday Mornings: A Novel Monday Mornings: A Novel

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