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The video explores both "the highs and lows" of the women's relationship. The music video was positively received, particularly by LGBT publications. Out 's Glenn Garner described the video as "the cutest queer love story that we need adapted into a feature-length film in time for the holidays".

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Retrieved 11 July The Line of Best Fit. Archived from the original on 7 July But while the scale of the response was not lost on the band, it was only the first step of a much bigger journey. We want to do so much more, and I think our first album will show that. That album, entitled Everything Is Temporary and slated for a worldwide July 13 release, is most certainly not the sound of a young band resting on their laurels. S and the U. You hope, but you never really believe it.

I was intrigued by the premise. It sounded interesting as long as it didn't get creepy - which it didn't. It sounded good, and sounded like it would reach a new audience, the same way Beautiful Music for Ugly Children did with its emphasis on music and radio shows.

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I hated, really hated the format. I don't think in screenplays, so it's hard to read one. Also, the protagonist spoke to the reader, so there's lots of "you" going on, but she referred to herself as "me," so I'm the "you" reading what "me" said, but I'm not "me. Also, I checked with my better half, who has a degree in theater performance, and she said that the screenplay isn't formatted correctly. And interspersed with the screenplay are bits of narration that sound like a normal novel except for the second person craziness.

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  4. So it's like a screenplay that wants to be a novel that wants to be an in-your-face real-time conversation. No wonder I was unimpressed. The story concept is a good one, but I'm not sold on the execution. View all 4 comments. May 28, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: quiltbag-ya. I wanted something light and short; this book delivered that, whilst also being a lovely, warm read. It's different, but it works so well.

    It's written in the format of a screenplay, which I found to be very readable. The other thing that sets it apart: there's a character 'You' who isn't specified by gender.

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    I happily read on, not fussed with not knowing, but something to ponder as the story proceeds and for the reader to come to their own conclusion. I liked Phyre; she's younger than I usually read, but there was something about her that was relatable and sweet. I loved the theatre aspect most of all - it reminded me of my love for acting and provided lots of warm, fuzzy feels because I'm a bear.

    End scene.

    Between You & Me

    Feb 03, Estelle rated it really liked it Shelves: new-releases , young-adult , ala , arc , favorites , own , theatre. When they do it right, the book morphs into more of an experience than just some paper bound together in your purse. So this is the thing. We have no idea if You is a girl or a guy. To be completely honest, during my first read through, I thought You was a girl. Once I begrudgingly finished the book, I read the Publishers Weekly review where it was mentioned that it was not divulged if You was a girl or a guy.

    Did I get amped up or what. It was almost midnight and I literally could not sleep because I found that hard to believe. I could swear I read that You was wearing a dress at one point and instead, You was all dressed up. So I went back, two days later, and reread the entire book again. This time, I pictured You as a boy. And my conclusion? The book certainly works from both angles.

    But it made me hyper aware of these categories that I place people in. Yellow shirt, crossed ankles, light enough to lift into a treehouse β€” oh that must definitely mean You is a girl. But does it? Unconsciously we form all of these stereotypes in our head and cleverly and intricately Calin reminds us to forget them, check them at the door. That is not what matters here. It is the love. It is the playful, intimate friendship between these two characters. The way Phyre bumbles around Mia and chastises herself for saying moronic things in front of her is so spot-on.

    Calin brings to the forefront various descriptions of light when it comes to Mia and it is breathtakingly clear why Mia is so worth living in this bubble of fantasy, even when it means Phyre taking You for granted. The pacing is quick but the moments remain, bleeding into scene after scene. I probably could have highlighted the entire book. As a theater fan, I love how Calin incorporated parts of a school play that, in ways, paralleled the moments between Phyre and You.

    So many times I had to close the book because the feelings were overwhelming and oh-so familiar. It just is. Jul 15, Aeicha rated it really liked it. Phyre has never felt attracted to another girl before and her strong feelings for Mia have her questioning everything. Phyre hopes to get closer to Mia by starring in the school play, but only further complicates things. Life changing and heart-breaking realizations hit hard, but maybe Phyre and YOU can still have a happily ever after. Calin has crafted an authentic, hip and relatable look at sexuality, love and growing up.

    The screenplay format is innovative and creates a very cinematic experience. Unfortunately, the narration often switches from this screenplay format to longer prose and I found this switch jarring and confusing. The story itself however is enthralling and easily pulled me in. Calin has created something very profound and exquisite with her un-gendered YOU. The story wraps up in a way that is kind of predictable and expected, but not unsatisfying. I think this is one instance where the journey the characters take is far more important than the destination they reach…and the journey is a tantalizing and tangible one.

    Nov 22, tarawrawr rated it really liked it Shelves: debut , challenge-ccc , challenge-dac I loved how Marisa Calin touched on female sexuality in a way that we so rarely see in young adult literature and the genderless YOU just helps to push it further. Phyre was an interesting protagonist and I loved seeing her process of coming to terms with herself and the screenplay format really helped to visualize that.

    I loved YOU. I just did. I applaud Marisa Calin for the way she decided to write her story and for the way she addressed female sexuality. Nov 06, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: realistic , young-adult , royal. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Phyre is an outgoing teen who loves the theater and wants nothing more than to be a famous actress.

    Her new school year starts out great; she is taking a theater class and she spends most of her time with her lifetime best friend, you. This book is written as a screenplay; each scene is set and you are a part of the story. Mostly because Phyre has a crush on the new theater teacher, Mia. All bets Phyre is an outgoing teen who loves the theater and wants nothing more than to be a famous actress.

    All bets are off in this fast paced read about two teens and their first loves.

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    The story is written in screenplay form, with the main characters being Phyre Me and You The reader. The play the students perform mimics the plot of the book. While the style is intriguing and fresh, the plot leaves something to be desired. It felt as though the author wrapped up the story a bit too soon, tying up loose ends in a messy knot.

    Also of note is the focus on gender or lack thereof throughout the book. Phyre has a crush on another girl for the first time in her life, and most of the story she tries to come to terms with this. The other main character You, the reader is genderless. The author leaves hints throughout the text as to your gender, but in the end she leaves you guessing. This definitely adds dimension to the story. I would recommend this book to middle grade and older teens, as it is comforting to those experiencing their first love, and nostalgic for those who have been there before.

    Jan 16, Literary Princess rated it did not like it Shelves: teens , romance , lgbtq , clean , alternative-format , quick-read , character-focused , realistic. The format of this book was completely illogical, as it wavered between using a script for the dialogue and announcement of setting but then incorporated the main character's thoughts constantly. The 2nd person referral to the best friend was stupid and completely distracted me from the story also made it hard to have any attachment whatsoever to the character.

    I couldn't believe in anything that was happening in this book. Having a crush on a student teacher? Having a student teacher te The format of this book was completely illogical, as it wavered between using a script for the dialogue and announcement of setting but then incorporated the main character's thoughts constantly. Having a student teacher teaching a class without a real teacher present?

    That would never happen. Having a crush on a woman teacher when you've never previously been interested in girls? Hmm, unlikely. Being totally oblivious to your best friend having a crush on you? Even more unlikely. Performing a completely contrived play in high school that requires the presence of an actual pool on stage?

    Yeah right. Ugh, this whole thing was just obnoxious and clearly written by someone who isn't at all familiar with quality teen fiction. And finally, the presence of the gossip page for the school? That's just a blatant rip-off of Gossip Girl and is also in no way realistic or believable. Aug 06, Cassie rated it really liked it Shelves: cover-love , read , summerread.

    As a teenage girl confused with her feelings for her drama teacher, who by the way is a female, was a new sort of premise. What I really liked about the book was the humor, and the character 'You'. So throughout the book you're questioning yourself, what you think, etc. I went back and forth constantly, and I ended up being wrong about the gen 4. I went back and forth constantly, and I ended up being wrong about the gender. Good humor, good premise, good characters, good book. Jan 04, Victoria Melita rated it liked it.

    This is a definite novel with a twist here, and I enjoyed the different way that the story is presented to you. What immediately struck me about this novel is two things. I found that very interesting, especially sometimes as it delves more into screen-play than a theater piece. The other thing is the fact that You This is a definite novel with a twist here, and I enjoyed the different way that the story is presented to you.

    The other thing is the fact that You are a character. Phyre is a theater freak who wants to be famous, You is her best friend who has always been there for Phyre. And from some hints here and there, You might have a pretty big crush on Phyre. But Phyre is crushing on their new drama teacher, Mia.

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    She fantasizes about Mia. She wants to spend time with her. She embarrasses herself in front of Mia. What I really liked is just the You makes it feel like you, the reader, are the You Phyre is talking to. My final rating is a 3. Sep 15, Sara G rated it it was ok Shelves: teen. What a See, it gives you this idea that maybe if they made a little indie movie of it, it would work. But the fact that it's in first person and that the main gimmick aka not knowing the gender of the best friend is so hard to do in visual media, means this thing wouldn't even work as What a But the fact that it's in first person and that the main gimmick aka not knowing the gender of the best friend is so hard to do in visual media, means this thing wouldn't even work as a movie.

    Honestly though, I think my biggest problem with it is that it's so boring. There's no real angst. The crush is just a crush. Things don't even happen at school besides that one tiny moment of forced drama that's neither here nor there and feels amazingly unnatural. The characters aren't really characters, they're just a handful of lines. And the way the main character describes the teacher, when compared to the way she doesn't describe the best friend to make the gimmick work but I think a better writer could have done both makes the fact that she ends up with the best friend kinda off.

    Most importantly, though, the writer fails to drive the story forward and put in any sort of real conflict, possibly because there's no actual story in this. All that said, if read as a rough outline of a book, it could have potential. It would have probably benefited from a lot of extensive work with a good editor. Could probably allow for rereads but the question is, would you want to reread it? If you do feel the desire to read it though, I suggest getting it from a library or borrowing it from someone. Jun 04, Asheley rated it really liked it.

    Wow, this book is so very different from anything I've ever read before. In my life. The first thing you need to know is this : Main character Phyre has developed feelings for her theater teacher. Phyre's feelings develop from a small fascination into a full-on crush that becomes one of those all-consuming life-size things tha Wow, this book is so very different from anything I've ever read before.

    Phyre's feelings develop from a small fascination into a full-on crush that becomes one of those all-consuming life-size things that takes over her thoughts and her mind and her heart.

    Between You & Me + Yours Truly + Turn South

    It isn't the biggest shock in the world that a student could ever develop a crush on a teacher, right? It happens. Well, in this case, Phyre's teacher is a female and this is the first time that Phyre has ever felt these feelings for a person of the same gender. It doesn't help that Mia, the teacher, is really pretty. And super nice.

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    And that during theater class - during the acting exercises - Mia encourages her students, Phyre included, to really feel and express their feelings and emotions. This gives Phyre something to concentrate on while listening to the sound of Mia's voice and watching her movements and all of that. It's pretty excruciating to read this crush, or at least it was for me. I'll tell you why in the 'second thing. She doesn't feel like she can tell anyone and she doesn't really know if she wants to. She doesn't know if Mia feels the same way she does and she sometimes acts just slightly inappropriately because of this.

    This was so obvious to me. And painful. So, so painful. YOU just adored Phyre to pieces and Phyre either acted oblivious to it or actually was oblivious to it. Isn't that always how it is when one person likes the best friend, at least for a while? Silently wanting. Absolutely gut-wrenching, but it always is. Why do I love to read those best-friend-falls-in-love-with-other-friend books? I don't know. In this case, it wasn't my favorite. But it still broke my heart. The third thing you need to know is this : The book is written in script or screenplay format. I'm not sure exactly what the terminology is.

    But you can look at my nifty little picture down there to see what I mean. Dear people of the world, I will watch theater a million times and love it, but I don't DO theater. I am not an actor. So outside of the story itself, I had a hard time following along with the book. A really hard time, actually. Now, that doesn't mean anyone else will have a hard time. In fact, I've had several reading friends that really, really enjoyed this story and the format and everything.

    But I found that I was constantly re-reading the little paragraphs trying to figure out who was "ME" and who was "YOU" and which parts were being actually spoken and which parts weren't. A theater person, I am not. I love it when an author takes something that is outside the box, outside the norm, and runs with it. There may be other books like this one out there - if there are, I'm not familiar with them. As you can see from my picture, this book was absolutely like a script. There will be readers that will love it and there will be readers that will struggle a little bit with it.

    I am of the latter bunch. The story itself was okay and also a bit different - main character Phyre develops a crush on a teacher, who happens to be a girl, and struggles with these feelings of same-gender crushing. All the while her BFF - is it a boy? So we have a bit of a romance and a bit of an identity story with coming-of-age too, I think.

    I think, for me personally, that the format of the book mixed with the fact that I didn't know anything about the best friend, YOU - well, it just took away from the story a little bit for me. It left me too much work to do when really what I wanted was enjoy a story. Some readers really enjoy stories that require thinking critically and I think that is fantastic.

    But for me, one who reads to escape, I would've loved either a narrative structure or a gender assignment to YOU to lessen the amount of work it took me to get through this book. But, again, that's just ME. Overall, I will say that I love the risks the author took and that there is certainly an audience for a book like this.

    I am glad that I read this book and feel like I got a lot from it even though it was a struggle for me. I know that I can recommend it to certain reading friends that would enjoy it. Also important is that I love the way that the book resolved and rounded out and left me in a good place with the ending. You should have no trouble reading it if you can read screenplays and if you have never tried to read them, perhaps you should give it a go.

    Even though I struggled a little bit with this structure, I would love to see what else Marisa Calin puts out in the future because I did like the risks she took with this story and I want to see what she does next. Jun 27, Shell Senseless rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in , ya , meh , lgbt. After finishing the book I feel like I barely know anything about the characters 2. No character development 3. No plot development 4.

    If you are going to write in a script format at least give us some interesting dialogue 6. I really don't see the point in having the gender of 'you' as ambiguous other than for gimmick purposes. Sep 17, Katie Van rated it really liked it. The book was about a teenage girl named Phyre who falls in love with a teacher. She constantly watch the teacher and trying to impress the teacher. Through this awkward struggle Phyre's best friend who is always by Phyre's side.

    It was a good book i liked the realistic characters and the way it was written. It was written like a play which went well with the fact that Phyre loved acting and the class that the teacher she had a crush on was acting. Jul 18, Alexa rated it really liked it Recommended to Alexa by: Estelle. Shelves: read-in YOU Weren't you going to tell them about this incredible book that you finished reading? You know the one, that book that Estelle lent you?

    The one that reminds you how awesome she is at recommending books to you that you'd love? ME I suppose I could I duck my head and concentrate on studying the keyboard of my laptop, wel Review originally posted on Alexa Loves Books ME What should I say to all these visitors who come to the blog today?

    I duck my head and concentrate on studying the keyboard of my laptop, well aware that you are looking at me. When I can stand it no longer, I take a deep breath and try to put my feelings into words. And that's because it was different. YOU Different? What do you mean? ME Well, it's written in the format of a screenplay. Reading that made me feel like I was an active participant in the story, and not just watching these characters live their lives out.

    While I read the book, I actually mouthed the words or said them out loud - I guess you could say I acted them out. It made me feel a more powerful connection to the story and its characters. YOU Who were the characters anyway? ME I'm so glad you asked!

    Between You & Me Between You & Me
    Between You & Me Between You & Me
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    Between You & Me Between You & Me
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