Culture, Capital and Representation

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Olivia Cadaval, Sojin Kim, and Diana Baird N'Diaye

The Intrinsic Openness of the Hive Mind

Zuckerberg and his ilk represent the disruption and emergency exit from office drudgery that the characters openly covet. Years later, that disdain for corporate life, along with new technologies, paved the way in the actual workforce for the gig economy and more opportunities to be your own boss. In that way, many of the problems Office Space addresses still exist today, just in different form. Much of the commentary in the film still holds true, suggesting that there are timeless problems that ensnare office workers.

The undermining boss and stifling work culture depicted in the film reflected realities found in the actual white-collar workforce Credit: Alamy Stock Photo. There are also other management issues highlighted by the film that still exist. Today, while companies large and small tout attempts at greater diversity and inclusivity, microaggressive, casual racism like this still persists in the workplace.

Anger toward corporations, like the kind that motivates Peter and his friends, remains intact today, too. While Office Space had disappointing box office numbers, it became a cult hit over two decades.

Cultural Capital

And a lot has happened in those 20 years, including a global financial crisis that makes the dull jobs in Office Space seem like luxuries white-collar workers took for granted. At the end of the film, when Initech shuts down after someone sets fire to the building, Peter becomes a construction worker. Fortunately for him, his attempted crime fizzled in the end and he learned his valuable protagonist lesson as Initech got its comeuppance anyway.

Office Space reminds us that while no job is perfect, scrutinising the imperfections is always worthwhile. If you liked this story, sign up for the weekly bbc.

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Office Space rebuked this way of working — one that favoured conformity and the bottom line above all else. The film is weirdly prescient. Many of the problems Office Space addresses still exist today, just in different form. Open share tools. Like us on Facebook.

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Follow us on Twitter. Follow us on Instagram. While history books dictate Christopher Colombus as Italian, some claim he was actually of Ibizan origins.

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  • At almost three million acres, it will come as a surprise to many that Spain has more vineyards by area than any other country. It is also the third-largest producer of wine, making some of the most iconic and recognisable varieties, from deep red Riojas to the light and sparkling Cava. The fortified wine sherry, or Jerez , is also unique to Spain, and is only produced around the southern city of the same name. They eat the sweet-tasting acorns that fall from the oak trees, which help to give the ham its flavour.

    He was eccentric in every sense. His image, including his trademark moustache, and his personalty often overshadowed his artwork and he became a cultural icon of the surreal and eccentric. He appeared on a number of America chat shows in the 60s and 70s, often acting strangely and speaking in his own made up language.

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    The name is considered to come from the word for blood, sangre , due to the deep red colour of the drink. If you are in the south of Spain and see a drink called Zurra, it is sangria, only with peach or nectarine juice used instead of orange. With not only the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts , but also the Canary and Balearic islands, Spain can boast a truly phenomenal range and quality of coastline that would take more than a single lifetime to explore all. The war attracted the attention of international communities, and various foreign artists, writers, and musicians travelled to Spain to support the Republicans, including Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, and Orson Welles to name a few.

    Spain is home to one of the best international teams in the world, and of course the Spanish La Liga football league with world-class clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona.

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    The levels of feverish football fanaticism is off the scale in many cities, providing some of the most exciting matches on the stands as well as on the field. Some form of bullfighting has been occurring in Spain since the Roman times, but more recently the sport has been going through an identity crisis. The nation is divided. The number of fights taking place in Spain has dramatically decreased, but when they do take place, the fight is met with a number of activists calling out for a ban on the sport. In Catalonia, the majority voted to ban bullfighting altogether, with the last fight taking place there in Save to Wishlist.

    There are certain things that undeniably and quintessentially define a country, and Spain has more than its fair share. Here are 16 of the most famous. La siesta.

    Culture, Capital and Representation Culture, Capital and Representation
    Culture, Capital and Representation Culture, Capital and Representation
    Culture, Capital and Representation Culture, Capital and Representation
    Culture, Capital and Representation Culture, Capital and Representation
    Culture, Capital and Representation Culture, Capital and Representation
    Culture, Capital and Representation Culture, Capital and Representation

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